Blockchain Adoption Has Begun


It is clearly a fact that many have already claimed for blockchain to become a technology that reshapes the future. Many say that it will eliminate middlemen, challenge organizational structures and even substitute humans in some industries. All claims point to how innovative and exciting blockchain can get in revolutionizing our future. Some say that mass adoption of blockchain has already started. But has it, really?

To begin with, blockchain is already experiencing the same adoption curve that previous major technologies like computers, mobile phones, and the internet have experienced in the past. For blockchain, its main trigger for awareness is the rise of cryptocurrency count. In December 2017, the rise of Bitcoin’s price to its maximum caught all the world’s attention. Needless to say, it already has awareness and the adoption is truly starting.

They were all right when they said that blockchain technology has big potentials significant to improving the efficiency of all work that we do today. Industries needn’t lie in wait and attack when everyone has already adopted the system. In contrast, they have to prepare for it, join in and start adopting now.