Q: Are the original founders still part of the team and if they are why are they not on the website?
A: Following the suit of edgeless.io and in light of the recent events in Russia we have decided to remove the faces of all Sp8de advisors and co-founders. We will however, later update our website with the necessary information that will allow you to reach anyone from the Sp8de team.

Q: Any updates regarding Sp8de marketing? A potential investor who decides to research about SP8DE online will likely be overshadowed by posts pointing sp8de to be a scam project. What is the team doing in terms of marketing Sp8de?
A: We are aware that there have been many people who spoke of Sp8de with doubt, which we have successfully silenced, nonetheless this has costed us a lot of effort - effort that could have been put to managing the company and the development of the product. Given that we are working very hard on delivering an MVP on time we have little time to pay attention to every single FUD post regarding Sp8de and we consider feeding the trolls a highly counterproductive exercise.

Q: Is anyone from Sp8de attending Consensus?
A: No but we are planning on visiting other conferences soon - those more focused on gambling and gaming - like the one we visited in Macau.

Q: A company making a poker platform struggling to add an image and hyperlink to a page isn’t the most confidence inspiring effort. Ironic after the video they posted stating they want to improve communication.
A: The team responsible for website updating is entirely different from that developing our protocol and that team had to be replaced, hence the issues. We apologize for not informing our community in advance of the technical issues that arose. We expect to have a well re-designed website before the end of the month. Thank you for your understanding on this issue.

Q: What is going on with Reddit? The CryptoCollector2020 is insulting your project. Are you going to do something about it?
A: In the past there have been many like him whom we have silenced. This has costed us a lot of efforts that prove to be counterproductive in terms of technological development of the project. There will always be people who do not like the project and spread FUD. We want to focus on technological development rather than spending time on such people. We thank the community that believes in us and strive to provide them with the product that we have described in the whitepaper.

Q: What to do with DSPX? Have you decided?
A: We have definitely decided that nothing will be done with DSPX - it is useless. We have made numerous posts with regard to DSPX and the purpose which it served in the past.