Gambling talk


Hi everyone!
I’ve been a gambling enthusiast for a long time and recently found some information concerning blockchain casinos. Found Sp8de project interesting! Help me find sone more info about the project.
I’ve never practiced blockchain casinos, can you tell me what’s the difference between them and simple online casinos?


Oh, boi. First of all, read some about blockchain itself. Some bitcoin shit everyone talkin’ about.
Blockchain gambling seems to be future type of casino. No unsafe deals, confirmed transparency and so on



Answering your question: we have discovered some major problems with traditional platforms such as:

• Financial fraud and money laundering resulting with a lot of gamblers losing their money;

• Many platforms have increased their profits due to biased algorithms;

• Some of those platforms require your personal data and they may block accounts of those individuals who make good profits;

• No mobile first approach. Some platforms require to install desktop apps or extensions.


How can your platform solve problems stated above?
and whats the difference between your platform and competitors products?


blockchain techonlogy makes money laundering and fraud impossible also true rng makes rules and game conditions change impossible, so they cant enlarge profit then.
You can see that no personal data needed to register and operate on the platform. It is also advantage of blockchain.


I am impatient waiting for first game on the platform!


Announcement of the first game is planned for January 2019👍🏾