Life after listing


Welcome associates and crypto enthusiasts!

The future industry is revving up and we’re expanding by leaps and bounds. We’re proud to report our project forging ahead – SPX successfully listed at BLEUTRADE, IDEX and KKCoin exchanges. It is a small step for SPX, but a great leap for Sp8de!

As you can see, SPX price is forming up. It is ought to be a stage of the currency and whole product development. All the currencies form up the market specificity so rates used to move simultaneously depending on market drivers’ (BTC and ETH) rate and external aspects. The recent SEC investigation into Etherium resulted it’s devaluation and made altcoins’ rate go down.

Otherwise, we can’t play along scalpers buying up all the tokens at reduced price during ICO and flooding market after token’s listing. No research needed to admit this trick to be a reason of interim rate reduction, too.
So we conclude no reasons to panic and worry about SPX rate.

It can seem us to be blinded of success, but it is an actually calm before storm of our evolution. Our team is extending monthly and we put 100% performance to app development and marketing block establishment.

To leave you with, bounty distribution is finally over. It was a kind of unpleasant issue, but didn’t divert us.
Our whole team is grateful for your support. We promise further positive news in short run.
Stay true and stay tuned!