Online gambling at the edge of the new era


At the age of widespread internet and blockchain expansion all the life areas weather significant changes. Games and gambling are not an exception. Online gambling brings all the types of typical gambling to the world web latitude building up an innovative high-margin business. Despite lots of legislative restrictions online gambling stays legal at 85 countries providing more than 50 billion USD profit for 2017. Moreover, 2021 forecast expects 80 billion profitability and 130 billion market size.
The main feature of current business is the highest profitability among all types of online earnings. The reasons are:
• universal accessibility - you can play 24/7 anywhere you want
• wide gambling diversity – all types of poker, betting and casinos are available online.
As stated above, main online gambling varieties are identical to “offline” ones: betting, poker, casino, slots and sweepstakes. Diverse varieties of online apps are developed to satisfy users’ preference:
• Online poker tables which offer Texas hold 'em, Omaha, Seven-card stud, razz, HORSE and other game types as a tournament or a Cash game. Players play against each other rather than the “house”. Room makes its profit through “rake” and tournament fees.
• online casinos - roulette, blackjack, pachinko, baccarat and variety of others. These games are played against the casino which earns through odds in its favor.
• Sports betting - predicting sports results and placing a sum of money on the outcome.
• Online bingo (too obvious to say it is bingo played online)
• Lotteries. Interesting to know, significant part of online lotteries is ran by government and protected due to large taxable profit
• Mobile gambling – different applications provide all types of games imaginable
Typical online gambling possesses 3 main problems causing user mistrust:
• It has been alleged that huge amount of unsupervised online funds transfers is used for money laundering
• All the games are played virtually. This fact makes users doubt concerning process and algorithms’ fairness. Unlike classic “offline” gambling fairness and randomness can’t be verified. It’s believed that some casinos and platforms used to modify games’ algorithm to improve profitability
• Most gambling platforms require personal and bank card data for registration, transactions and money withdrawal. Further use of the data is on the platform’s owner conscience.
The blockchain era introduces new form of gambling platforms. Transparency and decentralization of blockchain system and safety of smart contracts are intended to overtake stated problems and fundamentally redefine the market. Blockchain algorithm makes data changing impossible and all the transactions transparent. The system is stable and safe through decentralization and data is protected by smart contracts. And no more personal data needed.

However, new style blockchain platforms are still not perfect.
To begin with, most platforms used to impose their token as game currency. It seems to be convenient but it’s unstable rate adversely affects the users. You have to keep in mind that such platform is a complicated high-technology product - establishing from scratch seems to be a tricky thing. Neither provides sustainable cross platform soft. Scalability and compatibility are among major challenges.

Sp8de is to give it another shot.
Business-as-usual platforms unafraid for their algorithms’ purity are able to implement our proven PRNG module to make users confident in game’s outcome fairness. Such steps would provide game transparency and fairness surety. The superiority over decentralized platforms seems to be obvious. That’s what it’s all about:
• Market demand conformity
• Algorithm simplicity and reliability insurance
• Action for market players
Most cryptomarket players consider creating a prototype is enough to pull the market. Sp8de’s policy is to analyze today’s market demands and solve actual problems in framework of existing market conditions.

Sp8de. Make the gambling fair again.

Stay tuned!