sp8de and scrape protocol



how sp8de is going to create thousands of strings per second if ouroboros is creating a new string every 20 seconds?



As Kate answered previously - the main function of our MVP is the feature which allows generating a random number with a high level of entropy. It will happen on our side and the number of generating values depends on our technical capacities.

When Cardano finishes their smart contract testnet we will link to Cardano. However, the generating algorithm didn’t change, we will just store the data in the blockchain.


Thanks Marina!


what sp8de is going to store on sp8de private blockchain exactly? only the strings that the nodes get from ouroboros?


Hi Bay!

Let’s imagine, that we have the casino application which uses our API. The casino app has the frontend and backend parts of their app.

A user goes to the casino app website and chooses the game type. On the frontend side, the random number will be created and will be signed by the private key of the player. The private key will be stored only on the player side and the casino can’t have access to it or can’t change it somehow.

The signed random number will be sent to the casino backend. After that, the casino will create their random number and sign it and send both random numbers to the sp8de protocol. The sp8de get the object with the game type and some random numbers. The protocol creates their random number and signs it.

To sum, the sp8de protocol knows the game type and three random numbers. The game type is needed to know what exactly type of random number we would like to get. I mean, if the user plays dice, we should give the random number from 1 to 6. The random numbers generated by the casino, user, and protocol are needed as the part of entropy and some kind of input data to check the game random number in the future.

The protocol will create the shared seed in the IPFS protocol where all numbers from the casino, the user, and the protocol and the game random number will be stored. When Cardano rolls out their smart contracts mainnet, we will be store data there.


Cool,then how ouroboros helps the sp8de protocol to create random number?


No way. Complex multi-path schemes with a large number of participants are absolutely ineffective in real conditions. Of course, it will work if you need generating only once per week. We should generate seeds at runtime.

Ouroboros will be used as the storage of data.

As for the effectiveness of the algorithm, we will make it public when the time comes. Before that, we will find a validator that will be able to confirm the functionality and security of the algorithm.