SP8DE game concept competition!



Come play with us!

As the MVP development continues and as the API and interfaces for systems integration have been prepared, it means that gaming operators will soon be able to use our product and players will be able to PLAY! As you remember, our MVP includes some demo games, which we’re hoping will be both exciting and surprising!

But that’s not it!!! We’d like to acknowledge our community and make a game especially for you! Let us introduce the SP8DE GAME CONCEPT COMPETITION!

What makes a great game? If we look at the MDA model, there are three key elements: Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics. Simply, there should be rules, there should be players involved and there should be some environment, some topic. We don’t ask you to make the rules or invent a totally new game; to participate in the competition we only need your ideas on the topic.

There’s a great number of settings where any game can take place – for example, here you can find a giant list of possible settings for videogames https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VideogameSettings

We want to know, what our community likes. Pirates? Jungle? Racing? Ninjas? Come up with your topics and we will make a game specially for you! How?

The contest will have 2 stages:

  1. Write your ideas on our forum in this topic. This stage will last till August 13. On August 14 we will read all of your ideas and make a short list (for example, “pirates” and “corsairs” will become one item). The level of detalization in your dream game description is up to you.
  2. Voting for the best will be open and you will be able to pick the best three ideas, so we will have three winners! Who wins? The first person who offered this topic on the forum. You will be able to vote for 2 weeks, till August 27.

What will be the result? We will pick three winning ideas and our game designers will be creating games with our mechanics and environment YOU chose! The best ideas’ authors will be credited.

We may appoint any other special prizes, but there are no monetary rewards planned for this contest. Why? We would like all the voting to be out of love for the game and be sure that the future games are picked by the quality of ideas – as you see it!

You may be as creative as you wish, but we wouldn’t like to receive adult or any other controversial ideas, so please stay good! We also need to remember about the copyright here – we cannot make, for example, Angry Birds TM or Kill Bill TM games, but “birds” or “vengeful lady-assassin” are valid topics.


Hunters of the Occult

Starting in a dark setting on earth, (perhaps 19th century victorian london style) where many creatures live, but are hiding in the shadows, or living amongst the none suspecting human population. (think about demons, low level or high level demons such as the 4 horsemen,ghosts,shapeshifters,wraiths).

Father and son are hunting these monsters together, and are making friends along the way.
During their journey the end up in purgatory, hell, or even heaven (taken over by demons) - Bonus rounds


Sp8de Invaders

Sh!t’s gettin’ real in the Sp8de headquarters! Can you stop the Russian mafia from taking over?! But watch out, civilians screaming, “When Lambo?!” and “When Bounty!?” may get in your way; they may be irritating, but are they worth getting rid of?!


Sp8de in the Heart!

A wooden Sp8de is your only weapon against the evil Vampiress Vanya!!! But watch out, she may have an ace or two up her sleeve!

Another idea!

Call a Sp8de a Sp8de
When a Sp8de shows up on the screen you click a button that says, “Yep, that’s a Sp8de”… and then when you get bored of the game you go buy some SPX because you need to feel better about yourself.

Another idea!

Have you ever pushed one of those carts at IKE8!? They go everywhere! You can’t control them. But in this game, you must control them while you weave in and out of aisles, making sure not to hit people (or small children). Can you make it to the checkout without spinning out of control!?! Good luck!



S.P.8.D.E is written all over the city. But who wrote it? What does it mean? You’re up against the clock to solve this mystery. One false step and you might regret it! S.P.8.D.E!

Another idea?! Yes please!

Guy Walks Into a Bar

Literally, that’s the game. You control a guy who walks into a metal bar. If you want to make it more interesting ( not sure why you’d want to) the quicker you hit the bar, the more you flip around it, get some airtime, and get points based on flips and stunts you do while in the air.


We will have to make a special nomination for SP8DE team choice!



Game Scenario

A product e.g iPhone X is given a value/price in SPX, say 100 SPX

Player1 plays a guessing game e.g Spade or Diamond, however, he has to stake xx amount of SPX. i think there should be a minimum and maximum stake required.

Every time player1 guesses correctly, his stakes double up. when he gets it wrong, stakes are taken by the system.
- with a stake of 5SPX, Player1 has now 10SPX by guessing correctly once

Win Progress sample
Stake 5

  • 1st Win = 10SPX
  • 2nd Win = 20SPX
  • 3rd Win = 40SPX
    and so on…

Every time he plays, the price of the iPhone X gets reduced, imagine if there are 100 or 1000 players!
- iPhoneX’s current price is now 99.5SPX, this is because Player1 played once

When player1 makes 2 or more correct guesses consecutively, he will have the option to buy the iPhoneX(has a time limit) or continue playing but has to correctly guess 2x consecutively again to see the buy option.
- Player1 has now won 20SPX, by correctly guessing 2x consecutively

Player1 will be able to use the SPX he won from the guessing game to further reduce the price of the iPhoneX, keep in mind that the iPhoneX’s price was already reduced because he or more players played the guessing game.
- Player1 chooses to buy the iPhoneX. the iPhoneX is now in Player1’s cart
- (99.5 - 20) = 79.5SPX is what he has to pay to be able to fully acquire the iPhoneX

A provably secure and fair randomness system is required (Cardano, Ouroboros) so the Spade-Diamond flipping is fair and cannot be manipulated…

Game UI, system etc


Additional Notes

Yes, in the scenario that multiple Players wins 2x consecutively and presented the buy option… the 1st one to click on “Buy” gets the chance to buy the product.

When you stake and you win, you can “collect” your winnings… but your win count will reset to 0 if you decide to do so.

I realized that you have to get somewhere the SPX that you will use to deduct the Price of the Product; 2 ways:

  1. When they stake 5SPX, you can add a 10% fee for a total of 5.5SPX and use the fee (0.5SPX) to deduct the price and when they win they’ll still double up their original stake of 5SPX to 10SPX.
  2. When they stake 5SPX, you can deduct a 10% fee for a total of 4.5SPX and use the fee (0.5SPX) to deduct the price and when they win they’ll still double up their stake of 4.5SPX to 9SPX.

I prefer no.1