SP8DE game concept: VOTE!



Choose your favorite! One of those ideas will become a SP8DE game designed specially for our community!

  • Victorian Demon-Hunters 🏹
  • Russian mafia 🐻
  • Dude, Where’s My Lambo? 🚗
  • Vampires! Vampires! 🧛‍♀️
  • IKE8 Maze 🛒
  • SP8DE Town Mystery 👀
  • Guy Walks Into A Metal Bar… 🍺
  • #8: SP8CE Adventure 🚀

0 voters


All very good ideas I like it


wheres rpg selection i want rpg adventure game.


Hello, we actually can make any mechanics :slight_smile: We vote for the idea and general topic now (although we were provided with some great developed mechanics too in the previous round!)


looks like my game idea wasn’t included :cry:

but good luck to the rest!


You’ve had so much more than just a topic, it was a full-scale developed game scenario!
We opened voting for the ideas now only, which will give us the creative input for the new community game.

As for the other suggestions, we carefully collected them and… I cannot say too much now, but please wait for
the result announced (August 27 :wink: )


I like all the ideas (including the Lambo one lol), but I think a space game with the fantastic artwork we have seen from the team, could be the top…
Best luck to all…k