We launched the new web-site!



Our brand identity has changed: following the latest company developments, it has become both simple and concrete, thus helping to reflect the aspirations of the project – to become the leading blockchain company in the iGaming field while providing industry operators and players with both hyper-innovative and intuitive, easy-to-integrate, solutions.


The new web-site showcases the protocol development and also introduces many new elements of the SP8DE eco-system.

SP8DE protocol development has progressed significantly as 2 development stages have been completed successfully (learn more about the current development status https://steemit.com/crypto/@sp8deofficial/sp8de-mvp-development-stage-2-completed).

Enters CHAOS

The provable, transparent, fast and efficient, pseudo-randomness generator now has its own name – CHAOS. The protocol for decentralized entropy, CHAOS refers to the chaotic “rhythm” of the universe itself, providing totally random outcomes with more than 10M random numbers generated per second. CHAOS is designed to become the new industry standard for both on-line and off-line interactive gambling providers, the symbol of fairness and trust.

The eco-system also includes a safe and secure wallet, which will enable SPX tokens transactions and will eventually be developed into a full-scale blockchain-based marketing automation platform for iGaming (MaaS). Blockchain, as a solution providing a unique approach to data storage and transmission, provides immense opportunities to not only make interactive gaming fully transparent, but also to create new arenas of player experiences while developing innovative and exciting gaming products.

SP8DE’s proprietary MaaS solution is planned to be developed in 2019 and will become the first blockchain-based full-cycle marketing platform. In October 2018 SP8DE intends to launch the MVP (minimum viable product). Currently, the testing infrastructure along with the first demo-products are being developed. The first games showcasing the new blockchain experience will be presented in the last quarter of 2018.