What’s going on? – here’s our weekly digest!



What’s going on? – here’s our weekly digest!

All the eyes are on crypto prices as the markets show a steep decline.

Yet, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, called Bitcoin “pure digital gold” and said he’s totally buying into that. Read more on how Steve Wozniak hopes crypto to be the global currency on CNBC:

Meanwhile, Mike Novogratz predicted the cryptocurrency market to reach $20 Trillion (not tomorrow though):

Despite all the recent events Cardano is going stable, and as Cardano-based project we are happy to see the new fresher brand!

The Cardano team also seems to acquire some fantastic people. We are looking forward to the new development!

Finally, crypto now speaks manga! To fight the slow adoption rate and raise the awareness on cryptocurrencies, Shonen Crypto is published. Meet Bitcoin Senpai!