Where you can trade your SPX?


We are currently listed on 4 exchanges and more to come!

  1. Bleutrade (We strongly encourage our investors to use Bleutrade): (https://bleutrade.com/exchange/SPX/ETH)

  2. KKCoin: (https://www.kkcoin.com/trade?symbol=SPX_ETH)

  3. IDEX (https://idex.market/eth/spx)

  4. EtherDelta (https://etherdelta.com/#0x05aaaa829afa407d83315cded1d45eb16025910c-ETH)


What other exchanges do you have in mind?




Hai…last nyte i try depo my coin from metamask to IDEX but not success…do i miss something…i mean is there other rules i miss after airdrop close


Dumie, Everything operates good at Bleutrade, seems to have some issues with registration and filling your data


What do you think about ETH rate fall? Do you have forecast considering btc and eth rate? There is a direct link between eth and forks’ rate, so it influences spx